Judy’s Hotwife Awakening

Chapter 2

.Judy’s Hotwife Awakening

Chapter 2

We held each other tightly. Our naked bodies pressed together, sharing heat and sweat. When we kissed, Judy threw her leg over my hip, and I rubbed the tip of my cock along the soft wetness of her pussy. My wife was so wet and open I inadvertently slipped inside her. Judy’s eyes widened at the sudden penetration, but after a few strokes I pulled out again and went back to caressing her clitoris with the tip of my cock. Judy groaned, and after a time, I felt her pussy pulling me back inside. I fucked her longer before again pulling out as Judy moaned and whipped her head from side to side.

This time, my wife rubbed her clit against my erection. Judy wouldn’t let me pull out when I slipped inside her pussy for the third time, fucking me like a wild animal.

“I’m not as big as he was, am I?” I panted in her ear. “You liked his big cock, didn’t you?”

“It was just a … fantasy,” she answered, bucking in orgasm.

“What if it had been real? Pretend again, just for me,” Judy looked deeply into my eyes. She seemed to be half asleep, but I knew it was just the after-glow of her orgasm. “Have you ever had a big cock?”

“Hummmm … yes,” her eyes closed.

“Did you like it?” I asked, fucking her harder.

After a long pause, while we silently moved against each other, Judy said, “What if I tell you I liked it?

“I might cum from excitement.”

“Really?” Judy has pulled her head back again to study my face. “You wouldn’t be jealous?”

“Yes, I’d be jealous, but it would turn me on so much I’d want to know everything, and I’d probably cum again,” I answered.

“You’d be jealous and excited at the same time?”

“Yes. Please tell me you like a big cock.”

“I liked it. I liked his big cock a lot.”

“Now, please tell me my cock is too small, and it just doesn’t do it for you. Tell me you want to fuck a real man.”

“I can’t say that,” but I moved faster, slamming my cock inside her as far as I could reach. I felt her resistance softening.

“I want you to say it. I’m so close.”

“Your small cock doesn’t do it for me, and I can hardly feel you inside me,” Judy pulled her head back and looked up at me. Her big blue eyes were open wide, and I could tell she meant what she said. “Please let me fuck a man with a real cock.”

I think I screamed when I came.

I knew it wasn’t entirely true what Judy said about my cock. It wasn’t small; my cock was average in length. But average isn’t large, and what she said about a man with a real cock hurt me in a good way. The delicious agony of a cuckold to be.

I looked at her, but Judy’s eyes had rolled up in her head as she pushed her pussy into me. It was as though she was trying to capture even more prick.

“There isn’t anymore,” I whispered in her ear.

“But I want more. I want to be stretched until it hurts.” My wife’s voice cracked, and she buried her face between us.

I held Judy close and stroked her hair, feeling my cock growing softer until it slipped out of her. “You never told me…” I began, then stopped. What would I have done? I couldn’t very well make my cock larger.

I was suddenly aware of how wet my chest had become. I held Judy closer, knowing she was crying so quietly the only way I could tell was from the wetness.

“I didn’t want … I didn’t want,” she started again. “I love you so much, and I didn’t want something so silly to come between us.”

“Between us,” I said. “That’s kind of funny.”

Judy slapped me on the arm and laughed with me. It wasn’t much of a slap; her boob got in the way, so it was more of a boob slap, which is a much nicer slap all the way around. Also, it wasn’t much of a laugh.

“Have you ever been with a guy with a big cock?” I asked.

“Yes,” she stammered after a long minute.

“Do you want to tell me about it?” I was lying on my back, with Judy’s head resting on my chest


“It might help.”

Judy gave me one more long look before turning to face my cock. I felt her soft hand stroking it, not trying to make me hard or anything, just stroking my cock before sliding down my body to take my sticky member in her mouth.

I’d never met a woman who enjoyed sucking cock as much as Judy did. I felt the vibrations her mouth made as she moaned. “I’m afraid you’ll think less of me. Maybe you won’t even love me anymore.”

Judy only weighs about one hundred pounds, and she squealed as I lifted her until she was lying face to face on top of me. “I love you, Judy. Nothing you’ve done and nothing you’ll ever do could change that.”

Judy chewed on her lip for a moment, considering me. “I hope you mean it and never regret it because I’m taking you at your word.” Judy loves it when I caress her perfect ass, a sacrifice I’m happy to make as she began to purr.

“The guy was my ex-boyfriend; I was living with him when we met.”

I felt a chill, even though I was wearing Judy like a hot blanket. Rocky had never forgiven me for marrying Judy. At our wedding reception, he’d threatened to “beat the shit out of me until I’d never be able to get it up again,” and he’d meant it. He’d have done it right then if it hadn’t been for all my friends surrounding him. I’d been badly shaken when Judy’d found me at the bar, surrounded by my friends.

Her face went pale when they told her what had happened. Her ex had cast a pale over our wedding night.

“You’ve never talked about him with me, did he … I mean, does he have a … you know.”

“Does he have a large cock?” Judy used a finger on my chin to turn my head until I faced her again. “Is this a good idea, talking about him?”

“I think we should.”

Judy looked sad and wistful.“The first time … let me start over,” and Judy sat up, and I ogled her tits. She smiled down at me because Judy isn’t one of those women who resent it when a man appreciates her body.

“The first time had been at a party. I’d never taken any drugs before, and I found myself talking with this biker guy. I’d led a sheltered life until then, and he was dangerous-looking as well as big and strong-looking. Even though I guessed he just wanted to fuck me, the danger turned me on.” Judy paused to consider me again. She studied my face. “I don’t want you to think less of me, and I’m afraid you will.”

I nuzzled her breasts, and this time she stroked my hair.

“Anyway, he gave me this drug. I’d hadn’t heard of it then, but now everyone seems to know about Ecstasy.” Judy drifted off for a full minute before continuing as if no time had passed. “Anyway, about half an hour later I was so horny I gave serious thought to fucking the posts at the end of the bed. I’m serious, David. I looked at the long, thick wooden post and wondered how it would feel inside me. When I peeled my panties off for Rocky long strings of ‘Twat juice’ hung from them. I could feel my clitoris throbbing, and I’d never felt that before. I wanted to show him my pussy; I just knew it would make me cum. I felt so close to him, and the sex was so wonderful I knew I had to be in love with him. I mean, every emotion I felt was so powerful. Just pulling off my panties and showing him my pussy made my legs buckle, and I came with my head in his lap, sucking his pants as if I could get his big cock in my mouth that way.”

She stopped talking and continued stroking my cock. I was fully erect, and a drop of pre-cum hung off the tip. “What’s going on here?” she asked, smiling

“I’m not sure. I thought I was done for the..” I couldn’t finish once Judy had bent to lick the drop from my cock. I didn’t want to stop her, but still, I wanted to hear the remainder of the story.

I held her head, my hands on each side of her beautiful face, and asked. “What happened, Judy?”

“He was so rough I thought he would rip me open. His cock was huge,” Judy gave a small laugh. “It’s probably still huge.”

“When you say huge, what are we talking about?”

“She directed me to wrap my hand around the base of our wine bottle. “About like that.”

“So it hurt,” I said.

“No, it didn’t hurt, but it scratched my itch and left me wanting more. We attracted a crowd because of my howling, and then I moved in with him. Until you came around, well, that’s not exactly true.”

“What isn’t true? I’m confused.” I had Judy on her back as I slid my newly hard cock inside her.

Judy threw her pussy back at me, fucking me harder than I was fucking her.

“Rocky liked to share me with his friends.”

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