The Cult Leader’s Hotwife – Book 1

“I don’t know if The Companion ever came,” Earl continued. “When he pulled out, his cock was so long it seemed to take forever. My wife’s foaming juices covered his dick and dripped on the floor while she moaned and came some more. Then Daisy, the love of my life, cuddled up against him and kissed whatever part of him she could reach. All this time, The Companion is whispering in her ear. He’s saying stuff to my wife.”

“I’m confused, Earl. What was he saying?” Edgar understood the sex. The future Companion to God was screwing this guy’s wife, a guy who had been nothing but neighborly to him.

“He was saying how beautiful she was, how she was the most striking woman he’d ever been with, and how lucky he was she allowed him to be in bed with her.” Earl took a deep breath and swallowed hard as he stared at the wall. After a long pause, he continued. “The bastard essentially said he wished he’d met her first because he might fall in love with her.”

“What happened, then?”

“This woman, who I hardly recognized anymore, climbed on top of him and jammed that fat cock back inside herself. All the time, she was telling him how much she loved him.” Earl started to choke up and had to stop talking except to ask if Edgar had any alcohol.

“You have to finish it, Earl. If you don’t, it’ll just fester inside and make you sick.” But Earl had already found a bottle.

“What happened, Earl? I need to know if you made up with her.”

“We’re still married if that’s what you mean, but we haven’t made love since.” Earl stopped to watch Edgar. “I still love her, hell, maybe I love her even more, but she moved in with The Companion, and I only get to watch when he’s felt charitable. But now, even that’s gone. Do you know what he does? Do you want to know what the bastard does with his women?”

“You mean Daisy isn’t the only one? I’m afraid to ask, Earl. What does he do?”

“He brands them. He makes them his personal property.”

“Are you telling me he marked Daisy somehow?”

‘And,’ Edgar thought with horror. ‘He’s going to want to brand my beautiful Justine.’

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