Judy’s Hotwife Awakening

Chapter 3

Judy’s Hotwife Awakening

Chapter 3

“What would happen if you did it again?” I tried to bite my tongue off. Teeth pressed on both sides, and they hurt. Judy wore a shocked expression.

“Are you? What are you suggesting?” Her mouth was open in shock, but her face was pink and somehow eager.

“What if you fucked him again? Just one more time, then we can forget he even exists.” I bit harder and tasted blood in my mouth. I know I should keep my mouth shut.

Judy stood, swinging her robe over her body, not letting me see her boobs and pussy. I watched her walk through the doorway, the robe clutching her so tightly I could plainly see the globes of her perfect ass. Their movement hypnotized me, and then she was out, and I wondered what damage I’d done.

“Are you trying to get rid of me?” She was angry now, her face red, and she might have been crying. “Is that what this is, your sick attempt to … to, I don’t know,” and the tears started again.

I held her tightly, but she wasn’t finished with me. “I broke it off once, and it was hard to do. You have no idea.”

“Then tell me,” I kissed her face, then her neck. Soon, my face was pressed against her breast, and she held me there.

“It took months, and I can’t tell you. I don’t want to hurt you.” I found a nipple to suck on. Judy’s nipples are sensitive, and they swelled in my mouth. I said the first thing that came into my head. Maybe I should have installed a speed bump between my brain and my mouth.

“You missed his cock so much it took you months to get over it,” I said and immediately bit my tongue again.

Judy stroked the back of my head as I sucked her nipple. I know a nerve runs from her nipple directly to her clitoris, and I could feel her legs shift beneath me.

“I would dream about it. You can’t imagine how guilty I felt. Here I was in bed next to my husband, and I’d wake up from a dream about Rocky’s thick cock. I’d be lying in a puddle, and my pussy would be wet.” Judy’s look was serious. “Some nights I’d go into the bathroom and masturbate while I tried to remember my dream, and it wasn’t just his cock.”

“What was it, Judy?” I was between her legs now, and her pussy was a soft, throbbing cave inviting me in. I gently licked her, and my wife moaned.

“It was the drug, too. I craved how the feelings would explode in my pussy when Rocky spread me open. I’ll probably dream about it tonight. Damn you, David.”

I expected her to get up, but she didn’t. At first, Judy rubbed her pussy against my face, spreading her wetness over my mouth and nose, and cheeks. Then she held my head tight against her cunt and moaned, “Fist me.”

I started to get up for lubricant. I’d never fisted a woman before, but I knew a lot of lubricant was needed.XXXX

“Just do it, now, David. Just fist me.”

I rolled my head onto Judy’s thigh and stuck a finger in her vagina. Just one finger, but except for her labia, I couldn’t feel anything. It was almost the same with three fingers. A little tighter, but Judy was fucking my hand, which helped.

“Fuck me with your entire hand; get it wet.”

I don’t usually enjoy receiving instructions during sex, but this was different, and it worked. As my hand picked up Judy’s moisture, I pushed in further, and the further I went, the more her pussy opened up.

Judy was moaning and fucking back at me, her legs spread wide. So wide she was holding her ankles. I’d been using my left hand, my weaker and smaller hand. It wasn’t as though I’d thought it through. I’d just used the hand nearest her hole when she’d told me to get on with it.

I didn’t need instruction now. I tucked my thumb into the palm of my left hand and used my right to pull on her labia to help open her pussy. Two strokes and her pussy seemed to pop open as Judy howled. Then my fist was buried in my wife’s pussy, and she was groaning and swearing and fucking me so hard her ass came entirely off the bed.

I didn’t think about what I was doing, other than I was fist fucking my wife. I slid my hand under her ass to hold her still and lowered my head to lick her stretched clitoris.

“I’m cumming … oh, David … I love you … my cunt … I can stop cumming …. Oh god.”

I stopped licking and waited for her to calm down, and then when she thought we were done, I started again. Fucking her pussy and trying to suck her clit into my mouth.

Judy exploded with another series of orgasms. She released her legs and wrapped them around my head, trapping my mouth against her clit while I folded my hand into a fist and pounded her pussy.

Then it was done, and I somehow knew she couldn’t take anymore. I straightened my fingers and slid my hand out of her pussy, tugging a little when my knuckles hung up. A river of Judy’s natural fluid followed my hand, soaking the bed.

I was amazed by the stretch of her pussy, until my view was blocked when Judy closed her legs.

“You came,” I said before Judy rearranged us so I was on my back, and she was kneeling between my legs. Her breasts looked spectacular, and my cock was throbbing hard and pointed straight up. She smiled at me and coated my erection with her secretions.

Judy’s hands felt slick and fantastic as stroked my cock. She had to be careful not to let me cum. Eventually, when I thought I couldn’t take any more, she let go and sat back, her breasts perfect in the half-light. “I miss it, David.”

“I’ve never seen you cum like that. I would never have thought it was possible.”

“It’s even better with a real cock,” and she stroked me more. I got closer to cumming even faster. “It’s not that I don’t appreciate what you did; it was sensational for me.”

“But, I real cock feels even better,” I finished for her.

“Yes. I’m sorry.”

“Why are you sorry?” I asked.

“Because you were trying to make things better, and now I miss it more.” Judy looked sad.

“I want you to fuck him one last time.”

Judy looked at me in such surprise she forgot to stop stroking, and I almost came. She released my hardon just in time. I moaned and tried not to look at her perfect boobs.

“I can’t, David. What about the drugs?”

“Don’t take them,” I said, as though it were that easy. Sorry Nancy, just say no doesn’t always work very well.

“He won’t let me go this time.”

“You’re not his prisoner; just come back to me.”

“After saying ‘no?’ My pussy will be stretched, and I’ll probably have to masturbate a lot.”

It sounded like she was going to do it. “I’ll help you.”

Judy added more lubrication from her pussy and stroked my cock, harder and longer this time, causing her boobs to jump and wobble in exciting ways. They became even more interesting when she used her free hand to stroke her pussy.

“David!” She yelled just before my cock erupted in a volcano of sperm that reached her hair.

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