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My Raunchy Hotwife Adventures

This is a hot and erotic story from Thomas Roberts, about a reluctant wife who wants to please her husband’s fetish of watching her with another man. At her husband’s prodding, she begins her decent into the hot wife lifestyle, quickly learning how much she enjoys the pleasures of sexual gratification from her lovers. The thing that bothers her the most is, how easy it would be to lose herself in her enjoyment, and also her husband’s willingness to let a bull take over all rights to her body. This is a wild and extremely realistic story of one couples decent into lust and debauchery, holding their marriage in the balance. A great read!

Hotwife Karina: Shared

Thomas Roberts has a true gift for setting the moment through tension and detail. He is so descriptive, and builds the scene with such subtlety, that when the heat is released I, as the reader, was teetering on the edge of my seat. I love his build ups, with incredible passion laid brick by brick till the explosive release. I find his books are hard to set down, and before I realize it, I’m completely immersed and cannot stop reading. The scenes are so vivid I can almost picture the very room in my mind. I love his books and will continue to read through his entire collection.

Hotwife Voyeur Resort

Thomas Roberts hits a home run with his latest release Hotwife Voyeur Resort. When Mary reveals to her husband Bill that she learned friends of hers are “swingers”, and that the husband likes to watch his wife having sex with other men, Bill confesses a fantasy of his that sets things in motion. When Bill books reservations at a hot wife resort, Mary is still reluctant at first, but with her husbands reassurances decides to give it a try. What follows is some of the wildest sexual encounters that they have ever experienced, invigorating their relationship to heights they had not previously known. I really loved reading this story. Especially the dynamics of the relationship between Mary and Bill, which projects the intensity level that much higher. I’ve enjoyed reading many of this author’s books, but I must say this was one of his best. Definitely worth reading.

Billionaire’s Reluctant Hotwife

This is the first book of a planned series and it nicely lays the foundation for an intense story line. When Tania asked her husband Tim if he has ever heard of the term ‘hotwife’, it sends his mind and emotions into a turmoil, that he can’t seem to get away from. Doing research online and learning that Tania’s ex husband once proposed this to her, he becomes more intrigued and is drawn to the lifestyle. Tania is at first reluctant to indulge Tim’s fantasies, but based on the strength and honesty of their relationship, they embark down that path to see if it ‘works’ for them. They have some extremely erotic encounters and contrary to Tim’s not wanting to be a cuckold, it borders on the very edge for him. Learning that Tania’s ex husband owes large gambling debts to a criminal cartel, and the only way he can pay them off is using her as collateral, sets the theme for the conflict that is on the horizon. I enjoyed reading this story for it is very well crafted. It combines an erotically charged atmosphere, with the groundwork for an action, adventure story. Combining two different genre’s into one story line is not an easy undertaking, but Thomas Roberts achieves this with a well rounded balance.

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