Hotwife Karina: Ravished

Hotwife Karina Ravished


Hotwife Karina: Ravished has been published. Get it from Amazon at https://amzn.to/3fAiiUl

I parked down the block and watched our driveway, waiting for Karina’s red Toyota to come into sight. I was worried that I’d missed her when I caught a flash of red through the trees and my wife backed into the street.

I pulled out and didn’t turn on my headlights until Karina had turned the corner at the end of our block. I stayed back but kept her in sight as she merged onto the freeway and sped up, heading for downtown.

She drove past the first two exits, confusing me until she roared down the third off-ramp. It was the last exit for the city, and she accelerated through a yellow light at the bottom.

‘No turn on red.’ Shit, double shit. I drummed my fingers on the wheel and waited for the light to turn. Only one car passed while I’d waited impatiently.

I’d driven fast, trying to catch up. I’d swerved around cars and through my share of yellow lights. I should have taken a chance turning on the first red light, I told myself, until I’d seen a red Toyota ahead of me. She had turned on Western heading into a part of town I knew was a little run down. For the first time, I’d noticed that she’d broken her right taillight.

This was the same place, the same place for what? I’d driven slowly past the parked red car as a shapely female leg emerged from the driver’s side, and a large black man held a door open to one of the houses. I’d looked for a place to park, but the whole fucking block had been full, on both sides of the street, cars took up every space.

I’d punched the accelerator again and pulled around the corner and into the alley. Desperation had made me sweat. My cock was already hard. I had her. I just had to catch my wife in the act.

The alley was wide, more like a narrow street with cars parallel parked, leaving a narrow driving lane. Up ahead I spotted an opening and pulled in. I guessed I was about lined up with the red Toyota. I knew it was a gamble. I suppose she could have taken the open parking spot and walked to another house, but it was a gamble I had to take.

I was out of the car and dodging through the backyard of the house, I thought was right. A dog barked at me from the next yard, and I hoped he was tied up. I arrived at the front edge of the house in time to see the back of my blonde wife’s head as she kissed the tall black guy. I didn’t get a good look at her face before he pulled her inside.

I stood with my ass against the house, my hands on my knees, panting from excitement. When I’d finally caught my breath, I heard the sounds.

A woman was in the room behind me, begging a man to fuck her with his big, black cock. Asking him to fuck her like her husband couldn’t. She sounded eager, and her voice was high pitched with excitement.

The window was open but too high for me to reach. I looked around for something to stand on but saw nothing that would work. Maybe in the back yard, but I didn’t want to leave where I was, the action was getting hot. Besides, exciting the neighbor’s dog was probably a bad idea.

The woman was grunting, “It’s so big, it won’t fit.”

It did fit. I listened to them fuck for a long time. I jerked my cock out of my pants as the big black guy pounded Karina. She was getting what she wanted. Robes of pre-cum ran from my cock to the grass.



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