Hotwife Lexi’s Dare Bucket Challenges

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I wrote the original Dare Bucket books some time ago, and while editing them for the new trilogy, I rediscovered just how much fun and exciting sex Lexi enjoyed. Hotwife Lexi has a mutually satisfying affair, throughout the books, with her friend Heather. For fans of lesbian love, the relationship between them is about as good as it gets.

For fans of interracial sex, Lexi and Willie, along with Willie’s friends, take things to the limit. Husband Hunter watches his wife taken by an entire rock band in the concluding book, and all his Hotwife dreams come true.

Lexi and her husband Hunter were bored, and Hunter knew that a couple drifting through life were bound to run into something unplanned. They couldn’t just work and watch television together in the evenings and grow old together.

Hunter knew, if he didn’t act, the thing Lexi might drift into was another man. She was beautiful enough to have almost any man she desired, and plenty of men wanted her.

He’d read somewhere about the Dare Bucket. It was a technique used by couples like them. The Dare Bucket was a simple idea, really. All they had to do was to separately come up with ideas of things to do, write them on identical slips of paper, and put them in the bucket. Then once a week, they would draw one dare and do it. The dares couldn’t all be “Go Antiquing.” Half of the dares had to be intensely sexual.

Hunter had a secret fascination with hotwifes and with watching his wife have sex with a well endowed black man. Lexi didn’t know she was attracted to other women until just the right dare. As for the well endowed black man, you’ll just have to read the book.

Hotwife Lexi’s Dare Bucket Challenges

Get the entire hotwife trilogy! Hunter and Lexi’s relationship has grown stale when he suggests spicing things up with a Dare Bucket. Half the dares must be intensely sexual. Once a week, they draw a random card…and the racy hotwife excitement begins! Can Lexi handle a thrilling affair with a stunning blonde lesbian while a sexy black bull roughly uses her?

Thomas Roberts - Hotwife Lexis Dare Bucket Challenges-1

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