Hotwife Karina: Ravished

Hotwife Karina Ravished

Karina doesn’t mean to be bad, she just likes men who dominate her and have large cocks. She loves Michael, in her own way, and as much as it destroys him to see her with other men, it always makes him hard.

Coming in July.

In case you haven’t read Hotwife Karina: Shared, here’s a look back:

I remembered Karina’s first night with Marshall. He’d directed me to a large, soft tan-colored overstuffed chair in his hotel suite before taking my now naked wife into the bedroom.

I’d slipped my pants off and released my cock without leaving the chair. I’d held myself in my hand, ashamed of how much smaller and powerless my cock was than his. My wife cried out from the bedroom. Putting my hands on the arms of the chair, I’d raised myself enough to see the naked bodies on the bed; he’d entered her. Another man was fucking my wife. Karina had her hands above her head, her legs spread with her knees bent. She was grunting with each stroke.

The forced humiliation of sitting in a chair, allowed only to listen to what another man was doing to my wife, caused me to quiver with excitement. The delicious shame clashed with my insane love for Karina. I resented the man taking her body. I savored the rush of emotions as I might a fine wine.

My arms grew tired. I’d watched as much as I could, for now. Marshall had first pounded hard inside her, stopped all movement, and held still as she’d passionately kissed him, whispering to him between kisses. I wished I knew what she was saying.

Every noise my wife made went through me and caused my erection to jump. My heart was pounding rapidly. At first, I’d thought he’d hurt her—if he had, the pain had quickly turned to pleasure.

I sank back into my chair, rapidly stroking myself and thinking about what I’d seen. Marshall was older and in an entirely different class from us, and he was so much bigger than my wife. Best of all, he was fucking her just yards away from me.

I was distracted from my ruminations when she began to squeal. Karina always made a squealing noise when she came, but this squeal was different. It was louder and more highly pitched than I’d heard before.

Marshall came inside my wife, unprotected and grunting. Karina urged him on as he came. After they rested for several minutes, whispering to each other again, she went down on him.

I went to the in-suite bar to fix a drink, but my hands were shaking too much to pour. I looked at them stupidly until my wife groaned, and I quickly returned to my chair.

His stamina was astounding. He used my wife again before they cuddled together, murmuring. I took a nap in the sizable beige chair and woke briefly to the sound of my wife squealing again from the bedroom. The light was low, but I could see well enough to know she was on top, moving fast against him.

I woke once more with a start sometime later, still in the comfortable chair. The lights in the bedroom were off, but the lamps in the large living room were on, and I could clearly see my naked wife just inside the doorway looking out at me. When she saw I was awake, she held her finger over her mouth in the universal ‘be quiet’ sign.

She looked over her shoulder to make sure Marshall was sleeping. When she was certain he was out, she turned her back to me and bent over to look at me from between her spread legs. As exciting as it was to see my wife’s face appear between her knees, what caught my attention was the sight of her swollen red pussy. She was spread wide, Marshall’s white cum leaked down her thigh.

Karina smiled even more broadly at the expression on my face. After straightening, she turned and held her hands a foot apart and mouthed the word ‘wow’ before disappearing into the dark bedroom, pretending to walk bowlegged.

I was drinking coffee when Marshall walked out of the bedroom, wearing a hotel bathrobe, and sat down across from me. I’d been woken an hour before by another loud squeal.

“Your wife’s amazing, Michael. Thank you for sharing her with me.”

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