Used and Abused by the Mob

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What happens when a beautiful but naive wife is taken by a mobster because her husband made a promise he couldn’t fulfill? The Russian can do anything he wants to her, she’s agreed. Will her husband Doug ever be able to get her back? What if the Russian’s loving is better? What if he owns a whorehouse? What if the husband dreams of being married to a hotwife? Would that make a difference. It seemed like an idea I’d like to explore.

He had something they wanted, control of a piddly little contract with the city. A contract so small thirty-year-old Doug had been assigned to handle it. Doug, who had been working with the city cleaning storm drains, had been put in charge of contracts. Even though he only had a high school education, he had one thing the city attorney didn’t have: loyalty to the mayor.

It should have been easy, and it might have been if Vladimir hadn’t seen Doug’s wife, Candy, first. Vlad’s soul had been left in a Russian gulag when he was still a child. He wanted Candy because he wanted to despoil her and ruin her for her husband. Candy had been captivated by Vlad’s mean blue eyes and wanted him too. Except, she loved her husband.

When the contract falls through, Vlad takes Candy as compensation to work in his unique whorehouse.

What will happen to Candy and Doug?

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