Used and Abused by the Mob


I’ve been working on this story for some time. In fact, the book was largely written once, but I didn’t care for it. Oh, I liked the story, I just didn’t like the way I’d written it. I think if I’m not happy with the result then I’m cheating my readers if I publish. So, after pounding out 25,000 words I threw it out and started all over again, with a better idea of what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it.

It’s the story of Candy and Doug, and Vlad the head of a Russian crime family. And some other people, but mostly these three. Each chapter is narrated in the first person by one of these three characters. Doug is deeply, almost irrationally, in love with his wife. But first he talks about his job as a high school graduate promoted above his head to the city’s contracting department, where one of his duties is deciding which company will handle a small solid waste hauling concession.

Vlad grew up in the camps, the gulags of eastern Russia. He’s a hard, ruthless man who wants the city contract for its trove of no-show, no-work jobs. He’s also handsome with a way with women. They’re attracted to more than just his handsome, but cruel features. There’s that other thing.

Candy doesn’t know how beautiful she is; but the men know. Candy is reaching her sexual peak and the one man who understands her needs is Vlad. She just discovered what a hotwife is, and the idea of having other men without guilt is keeping her up at night.

Everything would have been fine if the waste hauling contract had been awarded to Vlad, as planned. But since it wasn’t, Vlad wants Candy as a consolation prize, at least until Doug can fix things. Doug is desperate to get his wife back, even as he can’t help the intense arousal he feels wondering what the men are doing with the woman he loves.

How does it end? What do they do to Candy, and will she tell us all about it? Does Candy come back to her husband, or does she want to be abused even more by the mob? Will Doug admit to her how much it turned him on to think about his wife being sexually abused by Russian mobsters? Oh yes, and does Candy finally get pregnant?

We’ll both just have to wait for me to finish writing it. Probably sometime in April 2020.

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