Hotwife Brittany: Ravished in the Jungle

THOMAS ROBERTS - Hotwife Brittany Ravished in the Jungle

Coming Soon: A brilliant engineer, Brittany thinks she’d been recruited to help the natives, when in reality, she’s the tool of a scheming businessman set on exploiting the jungle’s wealth.

Amare’s job was to help Hotwife Brittany while she lives in a hut, thousands of miles away from her husband Daniel. The couple can talk over the internet, when it’s available. But, it’s not enough. Soon Brittany discovers what Amare’s been hiding behind the massive bulge in his pants.

Brittany and Amare are in Brittany’s home when Daniel walks in on them. Please enjoy the following excerpt:

“Show me Daniel’s cock, right now. Take off Daniel’s pants and show Amare his hard cock,” Amare ordered.

I crossed my legs; I didn’t want to do this. But Brittany was already working on my belt and in my semi-drunken state I couldn’t resist her, especially when her hand touched my hard member through the cloth.

She had me naked from the waist down in moments, my erection standing straight up.

“Do you want to fuck him?”

My wife answered shyly, “No. I want you to fuck me, Amare.”

“Really? How should I fuck you? Show Daniel your pussy, is she ready Daniel?” he was teasing her.

Brittany spread her legs in front of me. My wife was having visible contractions, clear lubrication coated her swollen labia and ran from her vagina. Her need was obvious. “She’s ready,” my voice cracked.

“Fuck me hard, Amare. Please fuck my sloppy pussy.”

“Fuck Daniel first, then maybe I will,” Amare’s eyes were fixed on mine.

Brittany immediately swung her leg over my hips and sat down on my erection. There was no resistance as I was swallowed by her vagina. A thrill went up my spine.

“Now beg me, woman.”

“Please fuck me, Amare. It’s you I want, please let me satisfy you in every way. I’m your woman, Amare. Please fuck me.” Brittany was taking the game too far. I didn’t know I had any more heart to be broken but Amare had found a way.

“What’s wrong with Daniel?”

“He’s not enough, I want you, Amare. Please,” my wife’s sheath was squeezing my erection as she spoke.

I started to come from the combination of her pressure and the excitement of my humiliation, but Brittany jumped off my cock and my sperm splattered on my stomach.

The towering black man got to his feet in one smooth, athletic movement.

“Are we okay, Daniel?” Brittany seemed nervous; she couldn’t keep her eyes on me. She kept looking in the direction Amare had gone.

“I guess we’re fine,” I answered, trying to make it into a question, but coming across as earnest.

Brittany smiled and kissed me on the cheek as if she were my old married aunt. “Good night, Daniel.” She scrambled after Amare as he walked to what had once been our bedroom, but was now theirs, his large, bobbing erection leading the way.

I put my pants back on, collected another beer and sat back down in my chair. The room smelled of sex and Brittany’s arousal. The scent was enough to bring my cock back to full erection.

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