Billionaire Ravished Hotwife

Ravished Hotwife

A new paperback edition of the Billionaire Hotwife ebook series, is about to be released. The paperback will contain, newly edited and improved, all three books: “Reluctant,” “Captive,” and “Defiant.”

Don’t buy the book if graphic sex with a needy hotwife, and a entire gang, offends you!

It wasn’t Tanya’s fault that she couldn’t resist black men, and it wasn’t Tim’s fault that he loved to watch! But neither of them had any idea just what they were starting…or exactly how it would end!

Below is a brief excerpt:

I was locked in the small cell between Tania’s and the turn leading to the sliding door out. Inside was only a cot, an iron ring embedded in the wall, and a bucket. My wrists were cuffed in front of me, and a long chain was used to secure my handcuffs to the ring on the wall. My pants were not returned.

I easily heard every sound from Tania’s cell. The first was Bear swatting her ass as he left, only to smirk as he walked past me, followed by the sounds of Sarah cleaning her with a towel and my wife’s crying.

“He saw me,” she cried to Sarah. “He knows what I’ve become.”

I was about to yell I didn’t care, I loved her. I prepared to yell to her, but was interrupted before I could utter a sound by the noise of men coming down the hallway.

“In here,” Sarah said. “Bear just finished with her, so now it’s your turn if you’re men enough.”

“Damn straight, we’re men enough,” a chorus of men’s voices answered her.

I tried to count the men as they walked past but gave up at ten. I recognized some of them—her ex-husband Steve and I guessed at Rocky based on his tattoos. The remainder were large, often heavily bearded, muscular gang members, and each must have had a thick swollen cock to be selected.

“Where’s my husband?” Tania anxiously asked the group in general.

“Don’t know, don’t give a shit,” was the general answer even though they’d walked right past me.

“Oh God,” Tania groaned as the first man pushed inside her. “Rocky, why are you doing this to me?”

Rocky didn’t answer, he just grunted as he fucked my wife. I listened as her ex-husband went next.

“I know you’ve missed this cock, haven’t you Tania?” he asked.

I thought I heard a soft “yes,” but I couldn’t be sure. I could hear her moans as he drove his erection home, this time she climaxed as her ex-husband claimed her once more.

I didn’t sleep the rest of the night as the men gang fucked my beautiful wife, and I was forced to listen. I jacked off, stopping when I felt myself getting too close. I didn’t want to cum to the sound of another man inside my Tania. After a long time, my quivering organ subsided a little. Tania never seemed to stop. She announced each climax with a scream of satisfaction.

It must have been near dawn when Rocky came to my cell and asked if I wanted a turn. Without waiting for an answer, he led me into the next cell. My wife was lying on the bed, a large, overweight gang member on top of her. Sarah sat next to her, holding her hand.





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