Billionaire’s Captive Hotwife (Book Two)

THOMAS ROBERTS - Billionaires Captive Hotwife

The adventures of Tania and Tim continue in book two, Billionaire’s Captured Hotwife. Yep, the Bastardos Manojo finally get their paws on our gorgeous blonde hotwife. They’re a crew with their fingers in a lot of illegal pies, but for now, the guys are only interested in the crew’s action auctioning hotwives. Women who have agreed to be collateral for their husband’s gambling debts. Personally, I can’t think of a worse thing to agree to.

While Tania’s libido heats up, her love for her cuckold husband grows ever stronger. He’s given her permission to explore a side of herself that is rapidly spinning out of control. At the same time, she’s becoming less concerned with the threat from BaMa.

We learn more about both Tania and Sarah before the book ends, but I don’t want to give everything away. Before the BaMa can capture our horny wife, she has several adventures. Of course, William and James are there, and this time, they’re armed.

The draft is finished and is being edited by the talented Sandy Ebel of Personal Touch Editing. Our goal is to have it ready for you by the middle of September. Even better news, book three, Billionaire’s Rescued Hotwife, is moving right along. The problem is: I have too many ideas! Such as: what happens if Tania doesn’t want to be rescued?

By the time this series is finished, hopefully before Christmas, poor Tania is going to be one worn out girl. Or at least part of her will be well used. Did I just give away too much? Is anybody surprised.

Don’t forget the paperback. The entire series will be published as a paperback early next year, so check back early, check back often.






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