The Billionaire is Almost Here


COMING SOON: When billionaire Tim Wilensky’s new wife Tania asked if he’d ever heard the term “hotwife,” Tim’s life changes forever. His ignorance soon gives way as he discovers the meaning of “hotwife” and “cuckold.”

Tania had never been a hotwife, but her ex-husband Steve had tried to talk her into having sex with other men while he watched. She’d refused because she didn’t trust her ex not to use her activities as an excuse to fool around himself, and they didn’t have an open and trusting relationship. Not like the connection she enjoyed with Tim.

Soon after her divorce, while working as a waitress to earn enough money just to pay rent, the billionaire had swept her off her feet, flying her to Las Vegas on his private plane for a dinner date. Followed the next night by a private showing in the movie theater in his mansion and sex in the richly furnished lounge in front of the screen.

Tania found fulfillment as a television hostess/model of a home shopping show, a job that made her well-known and introduced her to the nubile co-ed Sarah. Tania wastes no time introducing the young woman to sapphic sex, starting in the lady’s room. Tim discovered he liked the idea of having a hotwife and Tania soon used her freedom on two well-endowed BBC’s, former special forces soldiers James and William, who appeared in the book Vacation Prey. Both of them knew what to do with a woman as they introduce Tania to the kind of erotic pleasures she’d never before experienced.

Nobody knew that Tania’s ex-husband had used her body as collateral to secure his massive gambling debts with an outlaw crew, the Bastardos Manojo. The BaMa are led by the sadistic Bear, who uses his men to kept Tania in their sights as he maneuvers to collect what he’s owed and wanted to possess.

In the second book, Tania will fully explore what it means to be hotwife, before she is taken by the outlaw crew and held for auction. She’s not the only wife who’s husband couldn’t control his addiction, but she’s the only one married to a rich man with well trained friends.

Will Tania be rescued? I don’t know yet, she may enjoy being the plaything of a rough crew who play outside the law. She may even like her new owner. That’s the beauty of writing, the characters tell me their story and I just write it down for you to read.





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