Billionaire’s Defiant Hotwife


After years and years of writing. Okay, it only feels like years, it’s actually been months. Billionaire’s Defiant Hotwife is in the next-to-final stages of editing.

The book begins, as all good sequels should, were the last book ended. In this case, Tania has been kidnapped is in the Zodiac. James and William go looking for her, naturally, and much excitement ensues.

Tania even gets to meet the infamous leader of the BaMa, “Bear.”

“I turned to track Tania’s gaze and what I saw caused me to take an involuntary step back. It was my first sight of the crew’s leader. Bear was truly immense, but that wasn’t my first impression. My first sense was of hair. His head was a wild untamed mop blending into a huge black, equally untamed, beard. Even his arms were covered in long strands of hair; fur covered his naked chest and back.”

Her time with Bear might be the most outrageous sex scene (I can’t call it erotic) I’ve ever written. I hope my readers enjoy it. I even hope readers are disturbed by it, I must have been disturbed to write it.

But, before she meets Bear, she has a wet and sloppy reunion with Sarah because I love writing girl on girl scenes.

More people are kidnapped, people die (I don’t enjoy those scenes, so I kept most of the characters breathing), and the whole thing ends with a surprise.

Our goal is publication within the next three weeks.




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