Billionaire’s Reluctant Hotwife

Thomas Roberts - Billionaires Reluctant Hotwife

What started out as a rather simple story, at least in my simple mind, has morphed into three books. This billionaire story is planned as a reversal of the more traditional storyline. In my telling, the billionaire is the beta and his new wife, the twice married Tania, is the alpha.

The complete story is a mix of hotwife and action, in a vein similar to Vacation Prey. The first book, which is in editing now, has plenty of sex and foreshowing of the action to come when billionaire Tim Wilensky is told by his investigator that his wife of two years was put up as collateral by her ex-husband for his gambling debts to a small, but ruthless and violent, mob outfit.

Whew, that was a long sentence. Tania has just had her first hotwife experience since her marriage to Tim, and is planning to seduce the young, nubile Sarah, when the first book ends.

Planned in book two, Tania’s seduction of young Sarah who is not all she seems to be, is described in erotic detail. Later, the new hotwife Tania, is taken by two black men: James and William making a return appearance from Vacation Prey. Plenty of action ensues as Tania is kidnapped, amid a hail of gunfire, while on a luxurious boat ride. The mob kidnappers were not counting on a professional liked James being present and he follows clues they leave behind.

In book three, if my strength holds out long enough to write it, there will be much evil-doing as Tim deals with the mob before being used as bait by the ever-resourceful team of James and William. The mob is planning an auction of wives they hold, and Tania is the main attraction. Of course, there will be plenty of action and even gun play before we find out if Tania even wants to be rescued.

I hope it sounds like fun. If all goes as planned, the books will also be available in paperback sometime in the near future.



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