Shhh, My Husband’s Listening!

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To Be Released Soon

“It was a miracle I survived at all,” Charles had thought while laying in a hospital bed, his arms and legs suspended in heavy casts. Another miracle was about to happen.

I’ve had this idea bouncing around inside my head for years. What if I guy was laid up, in a bed in his home, unable to use his arms and legs. Not forever, just until casts came off. And, what if he was married to a model, the most beautiful woman around. And, what if they had talked about her becoming a hotwife? To make things better, what if they lived in a historic old house with see-through floor vents allowing him to hear everything that happened.

The guys pretended to look while I sensed them crowding my wife. “He’s just down the hall …please, don’t.” Adrianna sighed, and there were more wet kissing noises.

“I just have a few things I need someone to help me with.”

“We’ll be happy to help you,” Rocky murmured.

“I can’t …oh god.” Adrianna sounded as though she were hyperventilating.

“You’re so wet,” Erik said. “You don’t need this dress anymore.”

Our old mattress squeaked as a weight settled on it. Then the whisper of clothing removed.

“Rocky …please,” then silence, except for more kissing. Then a new wet sound. “Oh …Erik …you shouldn’t …there.”

I could mentally picture a naked Adrianna kissing Rocky while Erik ate her perfect, pink, pussy. My ears were working overtime, listening for the slightest sound that would hint to what they were doing.

It sounded like my wife had jammed her mouth against Rocky’s to muffle the wail of her climax. She was still breathing heavily when the bed squeaked again.

“Rocky …please, we can’t …Oh god …you’re so much bigger …how could anything feel this good?” she said as if speaking through clenched teeth.

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