The Ambitious Hotwife Newscaster


Savana had never expected to be hired by a huge cable news channel. She’d spent her entire life as the most beautiful woman, first on her small campus, and then as a newscaster on the tiny local television station. She’d only confessed her secret desires and dreams to her husband. The thought of watching his gorgeous wife open her legs for another man should have made him jealous and angry. Instead, it excited him.

Her new boss, the famous and infamous, T. Kenneth Edwards had seen her eviscerate a Senator on her local station and had ordered her brought to New York. She was just the kind of woman he liked to hire. Attractive, smart, and available. Going to work for him meant she could no longer be married. At least as far as the public was concerned. Now Savana found herself performing for millions on the Siren News Network during the day, and for her husband and Liz, his new lady friend, at night.

Savana’s hunger grew as she was seduced by men and women while her husband watched over the internet. Until they were all sent to report from a war zone and Savana’s life, already changed forever, was changed even more.

What would happen now? Would Savana be happy to just be married to Joe in their small town, and what about Liz? She and Savana seemed taken with each other.



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