Seduced By Her Husband’s Bullying Boss




This was an interesting experiment. I wanted to write a book for Samantha Logsdon (Voices by Sam) to record. I love her voice and her ability to do a more than credible male. I wrote the story from the perspective of the wife, Pamela, with Sam’s voice in my head. In the book, Pam tells the story of her husband finding a new job working for Jerry, a man who turns out to be a bully.

At a company party, Pamela dances with the new boss and falls under his spell. Before the dance is over, Pamela has removed her sodden panties and given them to him with a promise to remove her pubic hair and be ready for him to visit her.

I wanted the story to have one twist nobody would see coming. Let me know if you figured it out before the end. Below is an x-rated excerpt:

“After my shower I’d slipped on a long, light blue summer dress decorated with large white flowers. It was going to be a hot day and I didn’t plan on going anywhere, so I didn’t bother with underwear. The feel of my now bare pussy open to the warm air was amazing. But instead of being calmed, I felt even more like laying on the bed and finishing what I’d started in the shower.

When the doorbell rang, I thought it was the delivery guy. I opened the door without looking and stepped back in surprise when I saw Jerry grinning at me.

“Is that how you treat your lover?” he asked. I backed up startled, my hand over my heart.

Jerry turned in a complete circle, checking to see if anyone was watching. “What will your neighbors say. ‘A strange man is standing in front of Pamela’s open door. I wonder who he is?’” Jerry mused.

“Please, come inside,” I begged him. I couldn’t afford a neighbor blabbing to my husband.

“Tell me what I can do to you, first,” he said.

“Please, just come inside,” I was in danger of becoming hysterical.

“Tell me first, and make it loud enough for me to hear,” he insisted.

“You can do anything you want,” I said.

“Louder, and who can I do anything to?”

“You can do anything you want to me, just please come inside,” I almost shouted. Jerry stepped through the door.

“Pretty dress – take it off,” he said.

Why did his arrogance turn me on? Telling the entire neighborhood he could do anything he wanted to me had been exciting. Being ordered to get naked caused my already aroused pussy to ache for him.

This time, we were in my sunlit kitchen. Our kitchen, mine and Todd’s, but I was naked in front of another man. I felt like I should hide my breasts and pussy but I didn’t do it. I wanted to display myself for him. My pussy seemed to be having spasms I could feel throughout my body.

“There’s cum dripping down your thigh,” Jerry said. Without thinking I bent to look, my large breasts almost hitting me in the face. He was right, a honey like liquid was running down my leg.

“Beg me to fuck you,” he said. I wanted to refuse, how dare he ask me to beg him to fuck me like a common whore would?

“Please fuck me, Jerry,” I was a common whore.

He handled me like a doll, his large hands pushed on my shoulders and I fell to my knees. “First, suck my cock Pamela. Get me ready for you.”

My hands trembled as I fumbled with his belt. The lump in his pants was large, and when I pulled his boxers down his erection sprang up, almost striking me. I pulled back in surprise.

I held him, for the first time in my life I was holding a cock that wasn’t my husband’s. He was huge and uncircumcised, and too big around for my hand; my fingertips didn’t reach my thumb. I was captivated by it.

I’d never seen a foreskin before and I wanted to explore. His balls were large, together the size of an apple, and cleanly shaved. I licked his balls while I stroked his long, heavy erection. I’d never put my tongue on my husband’s balls, but it seemed so right with Jerry.

“Look up at me while you worship my cock,” he ordered.

I looked up at him, enjoying the pleasure I saw on his face. I was able to roll his foreskin down to lick and kiss the large head, as if it were an ice cream cone, only much better.


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