My Slutty Hotwife Confessions

THOMAS ROBERTS - My Smutty Hotwife Confessions - Copy

Brooke is innocent when she marries one of her college instructors, but James wants a sexy, exciting hotwife: a woman who will call the shots, and let him watch her on video chat as she has affairs with other men–and other women. Brooke is taken by a virile roughneck and a horny English lady before finally succumbing to her exciting alpha male black boss.

Brooke really gets into her lesbian affair. I think writing as the hotwife is more fun than writing as the boring ol’ husband.

By the way, if you haven’t had a chance to hear Samantha Logsdon reading “My Raunchy Hotwife Adventures,” do yourself a favor. Her voice narrating Erica’s story is an erotic treat.

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