I Bet My Hotwife and Lost

I Bet my Wife - Copy

As Will and Kristen fall in love, she conquers her fear of being used and rejected. Then she discovers they share the same secret fantasy: Will likes to watch, Kristen likes to be watched. But the perfect man who can help fulfill their deepest fantasy is Will’s most hated enemy! Will this kinky desire make them stronger, or tear them apart?

It was a very long weekend for me as I watched my wife getting ready to pay off the bet I’d loss. She’d be staying with Larry, my black boss, for an entire week. A week in which he could do anything he wanted with her.

Kristen went out Saturday to be waxed and to have her hair done. On Sunday, she packed all her beauty products, but no clothing, and she was ready to go.

That day she gave me a present, a box so nicely wrapped, it even had a bow. Inside was a very soft vibrator, shaped to fit against a man’s privates, inside tight underwear. The fat, bulb head nestled against the sensitive underside, the long tail curved down the length. I wasn’t sure why I was doing with this, and I looked at her in confusion.

“Put it on honey, just stick it under yourself and hold everything in place with your tightey whities,” she instructed. It wasn’t difficult to get into place, it fit me perfectly, even the bend in it was in just the right place. Also, it was very soft and could be bent to fit me in any situation.

“Now,” she said picking up her cell phone, “I have installed this app on my phone, and every time I press it,” which she demonstrated, “the vibrator will turn on.” I just about jumped out of my skin as I started to vibrate. After I settled down, I had to admit, soft as the vibrator was, it felt very good.

“So, what I’m going to do is press this button and make you vibrate whenever Larry and I are having sex.” Kristen was beaming. “And, if I hold the button,” she demonstrated again and the vibrations became almost unbearably intense, “you’ll know that it’s really good for me.”

“I want you to wear this vibrator the entire time I’m at Larry’s house; there’s an extra box of batteries in there for you, just in case.”

I wanted to cry, it would have been the wrong thing to do and I knew it. Not only was I giving my wife to a man I hated, a man with a legendary manhood, but she was so into it that she wanted me to know whenever he made love to her. Whenever he made love to my wife!

I acted like I was enjoying it all, but I felt something breaking inside of me.



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