Blackmailing My Internet Hotwife

THOMAS ROBERTS - Blackmailing My Internet Hotwife 2 - Copy

Jimmy and Annette have a storybook marriage until the stress of his work begins interfering with their love life. Annette’s needs are too powerful to ignore, so she turns to other men for sexual release. Soon she’s having sex in seedy motels, and raunchy videos of her being taken hard and unprotected by lusty black studs are all over the internet.

Jimmy is appalled and hurt when he sees the videos…and then he’s aroused beyond belief. Who could have guessed he’d enjoy being a cuckold husband?

But Annette and many other sex-starved women like her are being used by the mob, so Jimmy uses all his police training to track them down and protect them. Can he win Annette back…or is she too addicted to wild illicit sex?

The couple pulled into a motel that adjoined a national restaurant chain, allowing me to park next door and watch them without driving into the motel’s lot. The motel was the older type; guests parked in front of the door to their rooms. He was only in the motel office for a few minutes before returning to his car and driving the short distance to their newly rented room. My heart was hammering in my chest, and I was having a hard time catching my breath. I watched them holding each other as he unlocked the door and they disappeared inside.

As I neared hyperventilation, I lowered my head, shocked to see the large bulge in my pants. It excited me to watch the woman I’d loved since grammar school go into a motel room with another man.

I’d had this fantasy before—the one where I watched my wife with another man. We’d even used it to liven up our love life, and Annette seemed to be into it. But lately, there hadn’t been a love life. For some reason, I just hadn’t been working right. The excitement I felt at the motel was the first I’d felt in a year. I ran my hand over the front of my pants, enjoying the wonderful feeling again, before I decided that I wanted more.

I made my way across the short distance separating the restaurant from the motel and, checking to make sure I was alone and invisible from the restaurant windows, I tried to look into the room that my wife had entered just minutes earlier.

Each room had a window that looked out into the parking lot. The windows were equipped with heavy drapes, but the drapes were old and often left a slight gap where the two halves didn’t match up. Luckily, there was a gap in the drapes to the room my wife was in.



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