I’m Cheating On You!

Under the bedspread, and unable to move, I tried to think of other things, like planning for a future without my wife. Except my planning was constantly interrupted by the pair on the bed or memories of the wonderful times Alica and I had had together.
They stopped without cumming, and the woman slipped off the man, even though his mighty erection still pointed straight up. The female shade seemed to be lying against him, on the side away from me. Her hand was moving, caressing his body as she whispered to him. Her voice was too low for me to understand the words, but I knew their meaning.
As much as I’d tried to disassociate myself, she was still my wife, and I couldn’t hold back. “Goddamn it,” was met by silence, then a stifled laugh from the bed.
“Everything’s okay, David. Just a little longer.”
“Maybe a day or two. You don’t mind, do you, David?” Leon asked, and Alica giggled.
“Please take this thing off my head,” I said with as much dignity as I could muster.
A few moments later the bedspread was gently removed, and I looked into Alica’s eyes from inches away. “Leon has to go in a few hours, and I will probably never see him again, so let’s get a few things straight, okay?”
I tried to make my face blank, but Alica just smiled and said, “Leon and I were engaged, and when he was sent away, it broke my heart.”
Alica sat on the edge of the bed to talk. My eye caught on Leon’s white cum leaking from her pussy and down the side of the spread. The bed jumped under Alica when Leon got up to walk into the bathroom. His huge cock had shrunk to about half its fully aroused size. A minute later, we were treated to the sound of a cascade of piss hitting water.
Alica got up to close the bathroom door before returning to the edge of the bed. “I was very much in love with him, David, and love doesn’t just die. Please tell me you understand.”
“Yes, now why are you keeping me here?”
Alica’s head snapped back as though I’d slapped her. “You’re my husband, David. I’m your wife, and I love you; nothing about ‘us’ has changed.”
A few minutes passed as we merely looked at each other. Then Alica’s eyes widen in realization. “You thought you’d lost me. That’s it, isn’t it?”

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