Bawdy Hotwife Blizzard Games

The temperature had been below zero, and a foot of snow and strong winds had shut the town down when two couples and a female neighbor gathered around a roaring fireplace for the evening.
Finally, tired, drunk, and worn out, they fell asleep the way they were. Caroline’s face was between Natasha’s thighs, smelling her lover’s pussy all night and dreaming of eating her. Kristen slept sandwiched between Trapper and her husband. In the morning, she’d wake to find her hand trying to wrap itself around Trapper’s morning wood, but her fingers weren’t long enough to touch. She wondered how she’d ever be able to return to her husband’s smaller cock.
Kristen dearly loved her husband but knew she’d never be completely satisfied by him again. Except for cunnilingus, Bill gave incredible head.
She had to convince Caroline somehow to share her husband. Maybe she’d be willing to trade nights with Trapper for nights with Bill?

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