Draft Book

Draft Book
Chapter 1
It was Sunday, and I was enjoying an afternoon of relaxation with Alisa. While I watched a football game and tried not to fall asleep, Alisa was sprawled on our couch reading a magazine before she looked over at me.
“You know I’m cheating on you,” she said, as though discussing our dinner plans.
My face must have shown shock as I struggled to wake up. I came to stuttering. “I … no, I … you’re doing what, again?”
My wife held her hand over her mouth, trying to suppress a laugh. “I’m sorry, you just looked so … shocked.”
“Probably because I am,” I moved to the couch, my knees popping, anger taking the place of surprise. I lifted her legs to my lap and caressed my wife’s thigh, asking, “What did I do wrong? Are you leaving me?”
“Nothing’s wrong, silly. I love you, and I have no intention of leaving you. I was just in the mood for someone new.”
“Oh, Christ, honey.” The shock was causing my heart to pound. Alisa put her arms around me and her head on my chest. After a moment she looked up at me in concern.
“Dave, your heart is really loud. Are you okay?”
“I’m not sure,” I found that I was panting, and I could hear the rush of blood in my ears. “You should probably start at the beginning, like, when did you become dissatisfied with me?”
“Oh, baby. I’m not dissatisfied with you. I love you.”
“Then why are you cheating on me?” My life had just been turned upside
down, and Alisa was so calm. At the same time, I had the odd experience of
feeling my cock start to harden.

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