The Virtuous Hotwife: Book 3 of the Cult Leader’s Harem

If she was serious about making him a cuckold, he needed to confront the reality of his Lizzy with another man. A man who could do anything he liked with her. In Chad’s imagination, the man would be much larger than he was.

Until now, Chad had been the only man to see his wife without clothes. He’d taken her virginity and had been the only man to be with her since then. When he thought of what might happen, he was torn apart. The very idea of another man touching his Elizabeth made him angry and protective of her, while the mental picture of his wife enjoying some guy’s giant appendage caused his body to react and his heart to race.

Now Chad couldn’t decide if he wanted to do it or not. His walk into the small room where they kept the computer had been spontaneous, but the screen was blank. “What are you up to, Lizzy? I heard a lot of keyboard noises. Were you talking to someone?”

“Yes,” Elizabeth found herself surprisingly calm for a sinner. “I was researching our idea and found a lot of information.”

“Like what kind of information?” Chad asked, hoping to peek at the old machine’s registry.

“It’s the number one fantasy for married men.”

Chad did a classic double take. “What’s the number one fantasy?

“Men, well, husbands, want to watch their wives while they cheat on them with another man. Did you know that? Tell me, while you were away did you touch yourself thinking of me having an affair?”

“If I did, would you be angry?”

Elizabeth hiked up her skirt and straddled her husband’s lap. “I wouldn’t be angry at all. I suppose the nights could be very long and uncomfortable, and thinking about your wife would help pass the time. Besides, the idea of you thinking about me having sex with a well-endowed man kind of turns me on.” Elizabeth rested her head on Chad’s shoulder and directed his left hand to touch her. “What did he look like?”

Chad caressed his wife and enjoyed the feel of her hips moving as she rubbed herself against his fingers. “What did who look like?”

“The guy servicing me since you weren’t here,” Elizabeth gasped. “The guy who was meeting my needs.”

Chad trailed his right hand to Elizabeth’s breast to play with, “He was a big black guy, and you screamed in delight when he pushed inside.”

Elizabeth pulled back to look at her husband’s face. “Really? A black guy?” Chad wanted to say he was joking, but Elizabeth seemed so interested he continued.

“He was stretching you so much I wasn’t sure you’d be able to even feel me when I got home.”

He was surprised by the strength of his wife’s passionate kiss. “That’s so hot, Chad. You should probably take me into the bedroom now, and I think we should go out tomorrow night to visit a few bars or clubs to look at men.”

Chad paused to swallow. “Ah, okay. You mean men who may…”

“You know…comfort me while you watch.” The words seemed to explode from Elizabeth’s mouth before she could collect herself and add, “If you still want to.”

“Yes, of course. Okay, tomorrow night.”

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