My Image of Mary for Hotwife Resort

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This woman was the image I had in my mind when I wrote “Hotwife Voyeur Resort.” When I pictured Mary, this was the woman I saw in my mind. She’s the wife who is excited by her husbands stories of watching her with another man. She’s the woman who is sexually aroused by watching another hotwife with multiple men.

On another note, I’ve been encouraged to write a sequel to Hotwife Resort. So, I’ve started writing. The next book starts were the first one ended, Bill and Mary were in a bar when Mary suddenly got up and started talking to a tall young man drinking alone. Big difference though. Mary will be the narrator of the sequel. We’ll view the action through her eyes and, most importantly, her thoughts and feelings.

I don’t have a title or a date yet. In fact, all I have is the first two paragraphs. But stay with me, it looks like it’s going to be a great ride.



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