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THOMAS ROBERTS - Illicit BBC Hotwife Gangbang1 - Copy

Beverly’s husband seems more interested in his smartphone than in her, so she flirts outrageously with a black man in a bar. Soon she’s in his room having raunchy sex while her shocked and excited husband watches. Now she’s hooked on BBC, and one sexy black waiter won’t be enough to satisfy her desires. Her new lover’s friend invite her to their run-down house for her first interracial gangbang. For her birthday, her husband takes her to a seedy bar where she’s used by six seriously built studs.

I went all out on this novella. Not much story, but a lot sex. Here’s the interesting part … you’re ready for the interesting part? Wall to wall sex and two gangbangs aren’t enough for you? They’re not enough for me either.

We get to peek inside Beverly’s mind as she tells us what it feels like to have orgasm after orgasm. For her an orgasm is like a cliff. Her body works up the side of the mountain until she’s left hanging on the edge of the cliff, loving every sensation until she finally falls off and into spectacular orgasmic pleasure. The descriptions I used are from a real, actually woman! I hope you like it as much as I do.

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